Cradling Literacy

Z3 logoZERO TO THREE: National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families is based on the philosophy of helping child care providers promote positive parenting and healthy social-emotional development in children by implementing protective factors into early childhood programs.

The purposes of the Cradling Literacy [CL] training are to help early childhood professionals: 

  • Exhibit how relationships can affect brain development.
  • Understand and develop skills to support early language and literacy development in children age birth to five.
  • Demonstrate how culture and reflection can bridge the difference in beliefs about child rearing and child development.

Cradling Literacy [CL] includes the following 12 lessons:

  1. The Powerful Role of Stories in Supporting Early Language and Literacy
  2. Cultural Influence on Language and Literacy Teaching Practices
  3. The Importance of Relationships in Early Language and Literacy Learning
  4. Early Language and Literacy Development
  5. Emergent Literacy in Two Languages
  6. Families as Partners in Supporting Early Language and Literacy
  7. The Role of Meaningful Experiences in Supporting Early Language and Literacy
  8. The Link Between Observation, Assessment, and Language and Literacy Curriculum
  9. Strategies for Supporting Early Language and Literacy
  10. Environments that Nurture Early Language and Literacy
  11. Using Language and Literacy in Guiding Children's Behavior
  12. Effective Teaching Strategies for Supporting Social-Emotional Literacy

What does Cradling Literacy [CL] offer?

  • 24 hours of FREE specialized training for early childhood professionals
  • Opportunity for professional development
  • FREE participant manual and other resources
  • A Certificate of Completion and CEUs

This course is approved for Arkansas Department of Education professional development credit. However, the awarding of professional development credit based on attendance at this course is solely at the discretion of the local school district. Arkansas Department of Education Rules Governing Professional Development

To check for available classes and training opportunities visit Arkansas Professional Development Registry (PDR)

For more information contact:

Cynthia L. Hendricks
Cynthia L. Hendricks
(RSSV)-Research & Service Units
Research Associate
Training Advisor: Cradling Literacy, Common Core & Beyond, Pre-K ELLA