Pre-K Early Literacy Learning in Arkansas

Early educators are the primary source in promoting language and literacy in their classrooms. Pre-K Early Literacy Learning in Arkansas (often called Pre-K ELLA) offers early educators the tools and resources they need to provide an appropriate literacy program, and demonstrate how each day they have opportunities to engage children in meaningful experiences that will produce a strong literacy foundation.

Pre-K Early Literacy Learning in Arkansas helps early educators:

  • Advance understanding of how 3- to 5-year-old children develop language and literacy skills, and why it is crucial to develop these skills
  • Use tools and techniques in their classrooms to help children develop language and literacy skills to become proficient readers and writers
  • Transfer strategies and activities from Pre-K ELLA into everyday classroom experiences for children
  • Develop strategies for involving families and children in language and literacy experiences at home
  • Make language and literacy experiences enjoyable for educators, children, and families

Pre-K Early Literacy Learning in Arkansas includes the following lessons:

  1.   The Foundation for Language and Literacy Learning  2 hours
  2.   Creating Learning Environments that are Literacy-Rich  2 hours
  3.   Supportive Social and Emotional Environments  2 hours
  4.   The Role of Play in Promoting Language and Literacy  1 hour
  5.   Fostering Children's Literacy Development Through the Family  2 hours
  6.   Assessment Through Observation and Portfolios  2.5 hours
  7.   Language Development  2 hours
  8.   Phonological Awareness  1 hour
  9.   Mother Goose Rhymes, Fingerplays, Poetry and Songs  2 hours
  10.   Storytelling  2 hours
  11.   Dramatic Play and Creative Drama  2 hours
  12.   Read Aloud  2 hours
  13.   Shared Reading  2 hours
  14.   Learning About Letters, Sounds and Words  2 hours
  15.   Environmental Print  1 hour
  16.   Writing in the Preschool Classroom  2.5 hours

Pre-K Early Literacy Learning in Arkansas offers the following to all participants:

The Arkansas Department of Education (ADE) approves all courses provided by Early Care and Education Projects for professional development credit. However, the awarding of professional development credit is based solely on the discretion of your local school district. Learn more by reviewing the Arkansas Department of Education Rules Governing Professional Development (Feb 2016).

Visit the Arkansas Professional Development Registry (PDR) to find available courses or call (800) 632-8754.

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Allison Lynn Kallmann Wegner
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