Pre-K Math and Science

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The purposes of the Pre-K Math and Science [Pre-K MS] training are to help early childhood professionals:

  • Understand that everyone can be a scientist.
  • Identify the skills and concepts that can be used to investigate the world.
  • Understand the importance of in-depth investigations of meaningful topics over time.

Pre-K Math and Science [Pre-K MS] includes the following 10 lessons:

  1. Foundations of Math and Science with Young Children
  2. Theory and Research: How Children Explore the World
  3. Inquiry and Processing Skills
  4. Math and Science Learning Environment
  5. Numbers and Patterns
  6. Physical Science and Life Science
  7. Geometry and Measurement
  8. Earth Science and Nature
  9. Projects: Investigation and Exploration
  10. Projects: Documentation

What does Pre-K Math and Science [Pre-K MS] offer?

  • 30 hours of FREE specialized training for early childhood professionals
  • Helps early childhood educators understand that everyone can succeed at math and science
  • Opportunity for professional development
  • FREE participant manual and other resources
  • A Certificate of Completion and CEUs

This course is approved for Arkansas Department of Education professional development credit. However, the awarding of professional development credit based on attendance at this course is solely at the discretion of the local school district. Arkansas Department of Education Rules Governing Professional Development

To check for available classes and training opportunities visit Arkansas Professional Development Registry (PDR)

For more information contact:

Robin Caudle Jones
Robin Caudle Jones
(RSSV)-Research & Service Units
Training Advisor, Pre-K MS, PCAN, and MMCI
Early Care and Education Projects