Code of Ethical Conduct

ECEP values the time and effort each trainer puts forth to provide quality training for caregivers throughout the state of Arkansas. We are privileged to have such a dedicated team of trainers. Thank you for all you do!

These are the guidelines to which trainers must adhere. It is imperative trainers review the following policies.

  • Trainer will follow the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC) Code of Ethical Conduct.
  • Trainers must register their classes online with the Professional Development Registry (PDR) four weeks prior to holding class.
  • Once a course ID number has been given to the trainer, email the ECEP Course Submission form to ECEP (found at under For the Trainer>Trainer Materials >selected course).
  • Trainer must notify Training Advisor of ANY changes immediately regarding dates, place, class meeting times or if the class has been cancelled in the duration of the training. Trainer Checklist must be submitted with changes included.
  • Trainer understands that ECEP Training Advisors or other authorized persons will be making unscheduled observations throughout the year. Trainer will complete the Trainer Self-Evaluation Form given to him or her by the observer upon completion of the observation. A follow-up letter will be distributed to the trainer in a timely manner.
  • It is recommended that lessons not be split between days, in some instances it will not be feasible to teach an entire lesson at one time. In the event that a lesson must be split over days, participants must be made aware that they will only receive PDR credit if they complete the entire lesson.
  • Trainers are responsible for entering and recording attendance for assigned course ID and lessons taught on the PDR Registry and ECEP.
  • A trainer’s ECEP sign-in sheet should match the attendance entered into PDR Registry. For example, if a participant begins and ends course work in two different classes, Trainer A will record lessons 1-7 and Trainer B only records lessons 8-10. The ECEP Database Manager will track participant completion.
  • The trainer must have 10-15 participants on the first night of class. If the class has fewer than 15 participants, the trainer will contact the appropriate Training Advisor to determine whether the class will continue.
  • The trainer is required to retain a copy of all paperwork for at least five years.
  • Participants are charged a fee for CEU’s obtained from UA/ECEP. The trainer must complete the CEU form located on ECEP website (> For the Trainer > Trainer Material > Selected Course > Trainer Forms) submit the report to Kathrine Slocum, within one week of course completion. Participants can be offered CEU’s through other accredited institutions of higher education if applicable.
  • Trainers must teach two ECEP courses each fiscal year (July 1-June 30). The trainer will send all paperwork (Trainer Checklist, Sign-In Sheets) electronically within two weeks of class completion.
  • The trainer must complete the Trainer Information Update Form as soon as personal information changes.
  • Trainer MUST check his/her email at least every two weeks for information from ECEP or Training Advisors. Email is the preferred communication method.