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In 2016, Arkansas adopted an important new resource for the state's early childhood community, the Arkansas Child Development and Early Learning Standards: Birth through 60 Months (CDELS)The materials listed below are aligned with these new standards. As additional Focus Areas and Topics of Study for both curricula are revised to reflect the new standards, they will be added to this website.


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Directions for Developing Weekly Activity Plans

Weekly  Activity  Plan Sheets

Focus Area #1: Taking Time for Goodbyes and Hellos

Topics of Study

#1.1  Times of Transition in Children's Lives
                   Attachment A - School Activities

#1.2  Taking Time for Hellos
                   Attachment A - The Kissing Hand
                   Attachment B - School Activities

Focus Area #2: Begin with Me

Topics of Study

#2.1  I Am a Unique Person
                   Attachment A - A Story About Me
                   Attachment B - Boy and Girl Shape for Lacing

#2.2  I Have an Amazing Body
                   Attachment A - From Head to Toe 
                   Attachment B - B.A.M.M.M! Learning Activity #1

#2.3  I Use My Senses to Learn About My Environment
                   Attachment A - The Very Busy Spider

#2.4  I Have Feelings and Emotions
                   Attachment A - Match the Feelings
                   Attachment B                         
                   Attachment C - Peter's Chair    
                   Attachment D - The Three Billy Goat's Gruff

Focus Area #3: Families

Topics of Study

#3.1  I Am Part of a Family
                   Attachment A - Peter's Chair              
                   Attachment B - Ask Mr. Bear    
                   Attachment C - Are You My Mother?   
                   Attachment D - The Runaway Bunny?

#3.2  Places Families Call Home
                   Attachment A - Peter's Chair  
                   Attachment B - The Three Bears   
                   Attachment C - The Round Red House

Focus Area #4: Communities

Topics of Study

#4.1  We Live in Different Types of Communities
                   Attachment A - The Kissing Hand

#4.2  People in the Community Help Keep Us Safe

#4.3  People and Places in the Community Help Keep Us Healthy
                   Attachment A - Medical Tools Cube and Concentration Games

#4.4  People and Places in the Community Provide Food
                   Attachment A - The Little Red Hen    
                   Attachment B - Menu Items

#4.5  People Who Help Build Our Community
                   Attachment A - The Three Little Pigs   
                   Attachment B - Building Tools   
                   Attachment C - Geoboards

Focus Area #5: Health and Safety

Topics of Study

#5.1  Health and Nutrition
                   Attachment A - From Head to Toe    
                   Attachment B - If You Give a Pig a Pancake  
                   Attachment C - The Little Red Hen         
                   Attachment D - The Napping House    
                   Attachment E - If You Give a Moose a Muffin  
                   Attachment F - The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear
                   Attachment G - The Gingerbread Boy           
                   Attachment H - Gross Motor Activities

#5.2  Clothing
                   Attachment A - Charlie Needs a Cloak        
                   Attachment B - Caps for Sale         
                   Attachment C - One, Two Buckle My Shoe     
                   Attachment D - Boy & Girl Shape for Lacing

#5.3  Safety
                   Attachment A - Five Little Monkeys

Focus Area #6: Physical and Earth Science

Topics of Study

#6.1  Rain
                   Attachment A - Baby Duck Patterns

#6.2  Snow and Ice
                   Attachment A - The Snowy Day

#6.3  Water in Our World
                   Attachment A - Harry the Dirty Dog         
                   Attachment B - Mr. Gumpy's Outing         
                   Attachment C - Jack and Jill

#6.4  Air and Wind
                   Attachment A - The Wind Blew

#6.5  Things in the Sky
                   Attachment A - Hey Diddle Diddle     
                   Attachment B - Happy Birthday Moon

#6.6  Color and Light
                   Attachment A - Mouse Paint

#6.7  Magnets

Focus Area #7: Things that Grow

Topics of Study

#7.1  Trees
                   Attachment A - Seasons of a Tree      
                   Attachment B - Parts of a Tree     
                   Attachment C - The Round Red House  (figures)  
                   Attachment D - The Green Grass Grows All Around  (figures)

#7.2  Vegetables
                   Attachment A - Garden Items Cards         
                   Attachment B - Vegetable Cards   
                   Attachment C - How Seeds Grow       
                   Attachment D - The Carrot Seed     
                   Attachment E - Pumpkin Pumpkin

#7.3  Flowers
                   Attachment A - Planting a Flower Sequence Cards  
                   Attachment B - Flower Concentration Cards     
                   Attachment C - Red Rose, Red Rose, What Do You See?

Focus Area #8: Animals

Topics of Study

#8.1  Pets
                   Attachment A - Hey Diddle Diddle     
                   Attachment B - Old Mother Hubbard       
                   Attachment C - Harry the Dirty Dog         
                   Attachment D - Feed the Dog Some Bones        
                   Attachment E - Let's Go Fishing          
                   Attachment F - Pets and Their Homes

#8.2  Animals on the Farm
                   Attachment A - Little Bo Peep     
                   Attachment B - Ask Mr. Bear     
                   Attachment C - The Three Little Pigs   
                   Attachment D - Mr. Gumpy's Outing    
                   Attachment E - The Tale of Peter Rabbit    
                   Attachment F - The Three Billy Goats Gruff 
                   Attachment G - If You Give A Pig A Pancake  
                   Attachment H - Charlie Needs A Cloak    
                   Attachment I - Are You My Mother?           
                   Attachment J - Hattie and the Fox  
                   Attachment K - The Little Red Hen    
                   Attachment L - Farm Animal Concentration   
                   Attachment M - Farm Animals and Animal Sounds Puzzles

#8.3  Bears
                   Attachment A - The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry and the Big Hungry Bear                 
                   Attachment B - Corduroy     
                   Attachment C - The Three Bears    
                   Attachment D - Ask Mr. Bear             
                   Attachment E - We're Going on a Bear Hunt  
                   Attachment F - Blueberries for Sal  (figures)

#8.4  Animals in the Woods
                   Attachment A - Hattie and the Fox   
                   Attachment B - The Gingerbread Boy  
                   Attachment C - The Kissing Hand       
                   Attachment D - Animals in the Woods Cube and Concentration

#8.5  Animals in the Jungle
                   Attachment A - Caps for Sale
                   Attachment B - Five Little Monkeys
                   Attachment C - Teasing Mr. Crocodile
                   Attachment D - Hungry Monkeys

#8.6  Frogs and Turtles
                   Attachment A - Jump, Frog, Jump
                   Attachment B - Over in the Meadow
                   Attachment C - Stages of a Frog
                   Attachment D - Five Little Speckled Frog

#8.7  Caterpillars, Butterflies, Worms and Insects
                   Attachment A - In the Tall Tall Grass
                   Attachment B - The Very Hungry Caterpillar
                   Attachment C - Stages of a Butterfly
                   Attachment D - Tall Tall Grass Cube and Concentration

#8.8  Crickets, Ladybugs and Spiders
                   Attachment A - The Very Busy Spider
                   Attachment B - There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly
                   Attachment C - Little Miss Muffett
                   Attachment D - Our Insect Book

#8.9  Birds
                   Attachment A - Is This a Bird?
                   Attachment B - Bird Nests and Houses
                   Attachment C - The Green Grass Grows All Around
                   Attachment D - The Little Red Hen
                   Attachment E - Hattie and the Fox

Focus Area #9: Travel

Topics of Study

#9.1  Traveling with People and Animal Power
                   Attachment A - We're Going on a Bear Hunt
                   Attachment B - Ask Mr. Bear

#9.2  Traveling to Places in the Community
                   Attachment A - Little Bo Peep
                   Attachment B - Ask Mr. Bear

#9.3  Travel Safety and Taking Care of Vehicles
                   Attachment A - Who Sank the Boat?

#9.4  Traveling for Fun in the Great Outdoors
                   Attachment A - Mr. Gumpy's Outing
                   Attachment B - Who Sank the Boat?

#9.5  Traveling for Family Vacation Fun