ECEP  micro-courses are shorter offerings to help early educators develop specific skills or learn about an early childhood topic. Each engaging micro-course is less than 6 hours long and is designed as a one-time experience. They are perfect for anyone with time constraints!

Like our longer courses, each micro-course includes up-to-date, need-to-know information that equips the early childhood practice. All ECEP micro-courses are FREE for anyone to attend and offer the following:

  • Professional development credit from the Arkansas Professional Development Registry and the Arkansas Department of Education
  • FREE course materials and access to in-depth content, including a participant manual and other resources
  • Continuing Education Units, upon request
  • Certificate of Completion and Verification of Training Hours, upon request
  • Opportunity to collaborate and build community engagement with other industry experts


Infant Toddler Social-Emotional Learning is a 4-hour training that allows early educators to explore social-emotional learning and discover how to develop positive, nurturing relationships with infants and toddlers. This micro-course helps early educators understand infant and toddler behavior by looking at developmental standards; find strategies to guide behavior; and ways to help infants and toddlers express their emotions and learn the skills to self-regulate.

Infant Toddler Social-Emotional Learning helps early educators:

  • Identify stages of social-emotional development for infants and toddlers
  • Understand why a relationship-based approach is important to social-emotional learning
  • Develop strategies to guide infant and toddler behavior through an equity lens effectively
  • Promote culturally responsive engagement with families

Infant Toddler Social-Emotional Learning includes the following lessons:

  1. Young Infants  1 hour
  2. Mobile Infants  1 hour
  3. Toddlers  1 hour
  4. Group Coaching  1 hour

Introduction to Child Care is a 2-hour training that provides a comprehensive understanding of the employment opportunities in a career as a child care professional, including the resources and requirements needed for starting a child care business. This micro-course is intended for any professional interested in entering the early childhood education field, including a variety of roles instrumental in supporting positive child outcomes.

Introduction to Child Care includes the following objectives:

  1. Describe types of child care
  2. Discuss roles within child care
  3. Define quality child care
  4. Examine professional organizations

Introduction to Coaching Skills is a 3-hour interactive training in which participants overview the benefits of coaching and learn about the skills and mindset needed for coaching to be successful. Through a series of information and hands-on activities, participants practice active listening, asking high quality questions, and the GROW coaching model, putting them on the path to turn work-experienced challenges into learning situations.

What if you could spend eight sessions with an amazing mentor? What would be the impact on child and family outcomes? Based on the bestselling book, Monday Morning Leadership, this 6-hour training helps leaders develop the eight key leadership principles outlined in the Monday Morning Leadership book. These concepts are simple, doable, and can be implemented immediately. But, more importantly, they work! Monday Morning Leadership is a training that offers unique encouragement and direction to help you become a better manager, employee, and person.

In this training, participants will discuss eliminating blame and accepting total responsibility; why confusion is the biggest workplace stressor; why every person on the team must be coached; that integrity is the foundation of trust, which is an essential element of successful leadership; the value of hiring tough; and how to improve at time management.

Monday Morning Leadership includes the following objectives:

  1. Making Tough Decisions
  2. Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing
  3. Keep Your Stars Shining
  4. The ‘Do Right’ Rule
  5. Hire Tough
  6. Do Less Work Faster
  7. Buckets and Dippers
  8. Enter the Learning Zone

True Colors® is a 3-hour temperament and personality-typing program. This enjoyable and insightful training helps early care and education professionals with personal and professional development skills. Using the colors - Orange, Gold, Green, and Blue to describe basic personality types, participants will positively improve teamwork skills by recognizing differences and developing solutions to communicate and collaborate more effectively with each other.

True Colors® Team Building is a 3-hour training designed to help team members perform better together. Every person has their own personality type, consisting of unique styles, preferences, and ways of operating. This course focuses on how effective teamwork builds trust, boosts creative problem-solving, and increases efficiency and productivity. Prerequisite required: True Colors® . Limited availability.

Young Athletes™ Curriculum is a 2-hour innovative sports program that includes games, songs, and other play activities designed to help children ages 2—7 years-old develop motor, social, and cognitive skills. This program allows children, with or without disabilities, the opportunity to learn, grow, and have fun. The Young Athletes™ Curriculum builds upon the Young Athletes™ Activity Guide and Training video resources, which provide scripted lesson plans for eight weeks. There are three days of lesson plans each week, for a total of 24 days. Sequenced lessons help children become acquainted with the activities and build skills through repetition.

Young Athletes Curriculum helps early educators:

  • Understand the significance of modifying instruction for children to build cognition
  • Understand the importance of developing motor development skills at a young age
  • Enhance social and emotional skills through peer interactions

YAC logoLesson plans by week:

  • Week 1: Foundation Skills
  • Week 2: Walking and Running
  • Week 3: Balance and Jumping
  • Week 4: Trapping and Catching
  • Week 5: Throwing
  • Week 6: Striking
  • Week 7: Kicking
  • Week 8: Review of Skills as Sports


The Arkansas Department of Education approves all courses provided by Early Care and Education Projects for professional development credit. However, the awarding of professional development credit based on attendance at this workshop is solely at the discretion of the local school district. Learn more by reviewing the Arkansas Department of Education Rules Governing Professional Development (Feb 2016).