Blackboard Requirements

Regarding Blackboard online courses, please understand that Early Care and Education Projects is limited to assisting students and participants with the course content only.

Direct any assistance needed for using or accessing the Blackboard system to IT Services at the University of Arkansas.

Please review the below guidelines from IT Services regarding Blackboard operation.

Student Responsibility and Technical Difficulties Policy

Participants taking Blackboard online courses are responsible for ensuring regular access to all course material from a reliable Internet connection, and access to a standard personal computer or laptop. Please understand that if you have a problem with a personal computer or interrupted network connection, know that you are still responsible for submitting your work on time.

Certain technologies may not fully support the completion of Blackboard online coursework. Chromebooks, ChromeOS, smartphones, and tablets might not be sufficient to complete coursework. While you can still interact with some content, you will likely not be able to complete all assignments. Therefore, you should have additional access to a laptop or desktop that allows for the following technical abilities:

  • Installing necessary plug-ins
  • Installing certain software
  • Clearing browser's cookies and cache
  • Saving files in a common/requested format
  • Browsing and uploading files

Hardware and Software Requirements


A reliable computer is needed with a sound card and high-speed internet connection to submit assignments, create products, participate in online activities, and view Internet resources. Do not rely on a public computer (e.g., library) to complete all course activities. These computers might have limitations which can prevent you from using required applications.

Enough computer space and processor speeds for the software used in Blackboard online courses is needed, but can vary depending on your software version and operating system. Typically, the following specifications should suffice:

  • 10 GB hard disk space
  • 2 GHz processor (minimum)
  • 4 GB memory (minimum)
  • Microphone and webcam, if needed (contact your instructor to find out)
    • Microphone (headset, free-standing, or integrated with a webcam) that works with your computer, if needed
    • Webcam that works with your computer and the required application used in the course (i.e., Collaborate, ECHO 360, Kaltura, etc.), if needed


Care has been taken to ensure the software used for Blackboard online courses does not require any unusual system set-ups. However, if your system does not meet the minimum requirements, then it is your responsibility to ensure your system does, so that you may participate in your courses. Any technical difficulties on your end will not excuse you from the timely completion of assignments.

To open and view specific files, the latest versions of the following required plug-ins are needed:

  • Adobe PDF reader
  • Adobe Flash player
  • Apple Quick Time 
  • Java
  • Current web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Safari). Google Chrome or Firefox is preferred. If you have an out-of-date or unsupported browser, then it's suggested you either update your current browser with the latest version or download a different certified browser.
    • Web browser must be appropriately configured as follows:
      • JavaScript must be enabled
      • Cookies must be enabled
      • Pop-up windows must be enabled for Blackboard Learn
  • Additional software may be required for your course, such as:
    • Office 365
    • Word processing program for creating documents, such as Microsoft Word
    • Excel or other spreadsheet creation software
    • PowerPoint or other presentation software

Contact IT Services

For issues regarding the Blackboard system, notify your instructor and IT Services. Additional Blackboard support can be found at and If you need general computer help, the IT Services website has searchable tech articles for anyone to access. You can reach IT Services by any of the following ways.

Help Desk Hours

Mon—Thurs, 7 AM to Midnight
Fri, 7 AM to 5 PM
Sat, 11 AM to 4 PM
Sun, 3 PM to Midnight

Limited support and troubleshooting are available after hours at (479) 575-2904. 

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