Child Care Orientation Training



Child Care Orientation Training [CCOT] offers 10 hours of basic orientation training for child care workers through a program provided by the University of Arkansas in collaboration with secondary vocational centers, postsecondary vocational technical schools, technical institutes, technical colleges, and community colleges.

Who should attend CCOT?

The Division of Child Care and Early Childhood Education of the Arkansas Department of Human Services has recommended that all child caregivers who have had little or no previous child care training complete this basic orientation training within one year of employment in a child care setting.

What are the benefits of CCOT?

  •  Quality child care training
  •  Opportunity for professional development
  •  Interaction with other caregivers
  •  Participant materials and certificate of completion
  •  Graduates become eligible for CDA scholarship funds
  •  Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

What topics are covered in CCOT?

The curriculum for this training was approved by a panel of experts representing the profession of child care and early childhood education. The course is divided into the following lessons:
  1. Early Care and Education as Profession
  2. Best Practice for the Developing Child
  3. Guiding Children
  4. Children's Health
  5. Children's Safety

What is the cost of CCOT?

Child Care Orientation Training is provided free of charge. The training is funded through a grant to the University of Arkansas from the Federal Child Care and Development Block Grant.

To check for available classes and training opportunities visit Arkansas Professional Development Registry (PDR).

Jennifer Lynn Bowman
Jennifer Lynn Bowman
(RSSV)-Research & Service Units
Training Advisor
Early Care and Education Projects