Intermediate Courses

These intermediate courses are beneficial to individuals such as lead teachers and assistant directors who are responsible for planning and implementing learning environments and curriculum for children from birth through eight years of age.

These courses are offered to anyone, free of charge.

Courses for Infant and Toddler Educators

1. Child Development: B-3

Child Development: Birth to Three improves the quality of care for children by helping educators understand the importance of early development, their role as a nurturer, and the skills needed to care for children in a safe and stimulating setting.

Courses for Pre-K Educators

2. Child Development: 3-5

Child Development: Three to Five improves the quality of care for children by helping early educators understand what to expect from preschoolers and learn the skills and techniques required to care for children in a safe and stimulating environment.

Courses for All Early Childhood Educators

3. Child Development: 5-8

Child Development: Five to Eight improves the quality of care of children aged five to eight by showing early educators the unique developmental needs of school-aged children and the different methods to teaching, supervising, and entertaining them.

4. Creative Activities

Creative Activities helps early educators plan and implement developmentally appropriate activities into the daily curriculum that are designed to aid children as they grow cognitively, socially, physically, and emotionally.

5. Guidance & Behavior Mngmt.

This course helps early educators find out how the environment contributes to either positive behavior or can cause misbehavior, and learn a variety of transition techniques that deal appropriately with challenging behaviors.

6. Health, Safety, & Nutrition

This course focuses on the effects of surroundings on children's well-being while learning how to promote children's health, create high-quality safe environments, and support children's nutrition and healthy eating behaviors.

7. The Growing Brain

The Growing Brain: From Birth to Five Years Old focuses on providing early educators with a comprehensive understanding of how the brain develops, and strategies to encourage brain health. Research indicates that from birth to five years is a period of tremendous brain growth and development. Relationships with key people and the environment in which the child grows offer incredible opportunities to impact this maturation process positively.