Guidance and Behavior Management

The goal of Guidance and Behavior Management is to gain a comprehensive picture of guidance techniques at all levels in a developmentally appropriate framework. This course offers early educators the opportunity to learn how the environment contributes to positive behavior or can cause misbehavior. Early educators will evaluate daily schedules to illustrate the importance of developing rules, rituals or routines to promote positive behavior. They will gain skills in guidance and planning children's activities that promote communication techniques. Early educators will also learn a variety of transition techniques that deal appropriately with challenging behaviors while developing a team approach to use with staff and parents to aid and give mutual support.

This course is also available as a condensed online self-paced course offering 8 hours of approved professional development credit from the Arkansas Professional Development Registry (PDR). To register for a self-paced course, visit the Online Courses page and select the ENROLL NOW! SELF-PACED COURSE button.

Guidance and Behavior Management helps early educators:

  • Acquire the skills and knowledge needed to promote positive behavior
  • Create an environment that decreases problem behaviors
  • Identify effective skills and techniques for dealing with all children

Guidance and Behavior Management includes the following lessons:

  1.   Knowledge Base  3 hours
  2.   Indirect Guidance  3 hours
  3.   Direct Guidance  3 hours
  4.   Challenging Behaviors  3 hours
  5.   Resources  3 hours

Guidance and Behavior Management offers the following to all participants:

  • Up to 15 hours of professional development credit from the Arkansas Professional Development Registry and the Arkansas Department of Education
  • Available for anyone to enroll in FREE OF CHARGE
  • FREE course materials and access to in-depth content, including a participant manual and other resources
  • Up to 1.5 Continuing Education Units, upon request
  • Certificate of Completion and Verification of Training Hours, upon request
  • Opportunity to collaborate and build community engagement with other industry experts

Visit the Arkansas Professional Development Registry to find available courses or call (800) 632-8754.


The Arkansas Department of Education approves all courses provided by Early Care and Education Projects for professional development credit. However, the awarding of professional development credit based on attendance at this workshop is solely at the discretion of the local school district. Learn more by reviewing the Arkansas Department of Education Rules Governing Professional Development (Feb 2016).